GitHub Action

Upload your build stats to us via GitHub Action

Our GitHub Action supports vanilla webpack projects and Create React App out of the box. For other platforms, see platform specific documentation if available, along with how to use our webpack plugin directly.

Add your workflow

By far the simplest way to send us your build stats is to utilize our GitHub Action.

You can set this up in GitHub Actions UI, or you can use the following workflow to get started quickly in your .github/workflows/push.yml

on: push
    name: report webpack stats
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - uses: actions/checkout@master
    - name: report webpack stats
      uses: packtracker/report@2.2.7
        PT_PROJECT_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.PT_PROJECT_TOKEN }}
        WEBPACK_CONFIG_PATH: ./config/webpack/production.js

Add your project token

You will also need to add your project token as a secret.

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