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Create React App is a powerful, opinionated tool for bootstrapping a modern React web application.

For CircleCI or GitHub Actions Users

If you're using CircleCI or GitHub Actions, the packaged stat reporter for these integrations automatically handles the process of uploading the build stats of your Create React App application.

CircleCI OrbGitHub Action

Not using CircleCI or GitHub Actions?

This documentation works only for projects using Create React App 2.x

Unfortunately they have removed the --stats flag in 3.x

While the Create React App project maintains great usability by hiding much of the ceremony of webpack behind it's own set of scripts, without ejecting you would otherwise not be able to use our service to track your bundle sizes.

To allow you to maintain your usage of the CRA scripts, we have provided a CLI tool along side our plugin that allows you to upload your stats to us as long as you have a static json stats file available.

You will still need to install our plugin in your project

npm install @packtracker/webpack-plugin

The provided command, packtracker-upload, will upload your stats to our service from a static json file. Luckily, Create React App exposes this json via the --stats flag.

The only caveat to using the command (instead of the plugin) is that you must use environment variables to configure your stat reporting (most importantly PT_PROJECT_TOKEN).

See our plugin documentation for a full list of configuration options available via environment variable.

Get your project token

After creating your organization and project on, grab your project token and assign it to PT_PROJECT_TOKEN as an environment variable.

export PT_PROJECT_TOKEN=your-project-token-here

Creating the npm script to report your stats

Now that your environment has your environment variable available. In your package.json you can add a npm script like the following

  "scripts": {
    "packtracker": "react-scripts build --stats && packtracker-upload --stats=build/bundle-stats.json"

Then running npm run packtracker should upload your stats to our service

Once you've tested that you are all set up, be sure to set this script to run in your CI environment or on deployment of your application so we can track each and every commit.

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